The Wildlife of Lesvos

The mountains around Agiassos hold Arum  rupicola, Paeonia mascula and Fritillaria pontica, as well Anemone pavonina and coronaria together with the Aegean Tulip (Tulipa aegenensis), all of which can be found among the beautiful Chestnut and Pine forest.

The upper end of the Potamia Valley is a reliable place to find Rhododendron luteum, which is the only place the species grows in Europe. 

One way to find them is by looking through a telescope at the tops of the surrounding mountains, or get yourself a copy of “Sunflowers Lesvos car tours and walks by Brian and Eileen Anderson” who have clearly spent a great deal of time writing a wonderful book of walks and local information for the keen wildlife visitor to the island.

Paul and Vera Manning.



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